casein pure protein shake


Fast results with slow protein - gradually absorbed protein provides natural nourishment for sustainable energy.  Supports muscle tone and fat loss.  Contributes to healthy skin, nails and hair.


Just as carbohydrates have a glycemic index (GI) which indicates whether the food is quickly absorbed and hence insulin promoting, proteins too can be rated as fast or slow.  Slow release proteins provide their benefits over an extended period of several hours.  Calcium is important for normal muscle function, while the protein in this low fat protein powder supports muscular development; essential for those interested in working muscle to best effect, helping achieve a firm, toned body. For general health calcium helps contribute to the normal function of digestive enzymes, as well as helping maintain healthy bones and teeth.



500 grams - 1 month supply

1 or 2 servings per day

Allergen informations:  Casein protein from natural milk protein.  Guaranteed to contain no whey.  Low glycemic and alkaline.






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