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Strong Nutrients awarded the coveted RedDot

October 2014

We are very proud to say that Strong Nutrients have been awarded a RedDot at the Berlin ceremony this week.




Strong Nutrients in Selfridges

15th May - 21st May

We challenged Selfridges shoppers to 20 or 30 Squats on our machine to encourage the thought process that not only was beauty applied via exotic creams and what we put in our bodies ensuring a correct balance of nutrients but also that exercise is equally an important aspect to our beauty regime.

Liquid Brunch RED Magazine

October 2013

Blending your breakfast is one of the hottest diet and health trends - but don't be put off says Helen Foster these new meal replacements have added power.


September 22nd 2013

Strong Nutrients has been awarded a Platinium awards in Barcelona last week for the Best of Body category. 

Outshining many other entrants from around the world for its simplisctic approach to communicating the benefits of the Nutrients without confusing or complication. 




26th September 2013

As the health, fitness and beauty industries become less distinct, several health products have appealed to consumers through the kind of sensual-sell packaging more common in the beauty industry. Strong’s evocative visual identity, coupled with its promise of strength and renewed youth, recall bodycare products such as Fisix and Skin Discipline.

Psychologies Magazine

August 7th 2013

Strong Chill Pill, £14.95, eases that 'tired wired' back-to-school feeling with adrenal stress with its B5 formulation.





Pearlfisher London creates new brand Strong – a new range of high quality nutrients.

May 27, 2013

Pearlfisher has created the brand strategy, naming, identity, packaging, retail and digital communications for Strong, a range of high quality complex nutrients. Strong is made from the freshest and highest grade of ingredients, developed to target health and beauty at a cellular level, for a stronger, more vibrant and younger body. 

Pearlfisher’s objective was to create a brand that could stand out in the crowded and functional supplement market, celebrate the idea of ‘beauty from within’ and bring to life the end benefits in a unique and emotional way. 

Pearlfisher’s Strong nutrient branding

May 23, 2013

The brand name, meanwhile, is represented in hand-drawn typography.

Karen Welman, founding partner and chief creative officer at Pearlfisher, says, ‘The idea was to create an impactful visual story using a metaphor of beautiful and elegant birds that have hidden strength.’

Strong is initially being sold exclusively through London members club The Library, before rolling out to high-end high street and online retailers.

New nutrient range Strong turns to Pearlfisher for brand identity

March 15, 2013

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Gorgeous, Illustrative Brand Identity For Nutrition Supplements

May 27, 2013

London-based design firm Pearlfisher has created a strong branding and identity for Strong, a range of nutrition supplements. To help Strong stand out amidst the stiff competition in the supplement market, Pearlfisher commissioned a series of beautiful illustrations of birds to represent the brand. Using the metaphor of beautiful, elegant birds, these illustrations bring out the product benefits in the perfect emotive way. As an example, ‘brain box’ uses an owl to represent the brain enhancing nutrients, while ‘sunshine pill’ uses a bright yellow canary to illustrate the product benefit of a radiant and healthy immune system. 

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